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Duo48 Solutions

Services Provided

An in house production, built as a platform for my partner (Mo) & I to work together as a team. I did the technical coding side whilst Mo handled design / graphics and client interactions. Built with WordPress, now a static site on Netlify.

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Duo48 Solutions

Project Details

A showcase for our combined talents whilst being a mix of complexity design wise with usability taken into account. It ran as a business for 6 years from 2015 to 2021 when I stopped doing freelancing (and moonlighting) altogether.

I joined Atomic Smash as a full time Always Evolving™ Web Developer and closed the site down.

Fun Stuff and Challenges

I chose to go for an angular approach to section layouts with some interesting complex layouts created by Mo in other pages. Honestly a nightmare when it came to @meda ‘Responsive Design’ but in the end all the work was worth it and we were both proud of the work we did.

// End of Project

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