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About Dave Barr & The Site

First things first…

This is an experiment in ease of use and accessibility, bearing in mind I’m a developer, not a designer. I created this site to be user friendly, It’s a very basic layout and I’m also aware the type is big.

Dave standing in the cricket pitch near Ashton Court estate
Dave near Ashton Estate, Bristol

About Dave

I’m Celtic, middle-aged and wear a bush hat. Pronounced ‘bar-dee’, barrd has been my Nom de Net since signing up for accounts to Apple’s eWorld, AOL, CityScape and many others back in ’93.

I’ve been a ‘Digital Nomad’ for nearly three decades travelling through 37 countries, living in Portugal (Lisbon) for 2, South Africa (Mpumalanga) for 3. Worked in Tech Support, Consultancy and (mainly) Web Development during that time. Check out my Curriculum Vitae for more details.

Tech Stack Involved With This Site

The Content Management System (CMS) is WordPress, with a Dark Mode enabled custom theme based on Underscores (_s). It uses the Gutenberg editor with custom blocks hand-rolled using Advanced Custom Fields (ACF). You can also find a little more information in this sites humans.txt file.

For more details see the associated project page.

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