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Please allow me to introduce myself

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I’m a man of stealth and taste

Classic Rolling Stones lyrics aside… Hi there, I’m Dave and this is my personal site. As of writing (Jan 2022) I’m currently employed as an “Always Evolving” Web Developer with Atomic Smash based in the beautiful city of Bristol, United Kingdom.

I’ve been meaning for quite some time to create a site where I could write about my hobbies, passions, work and well, anything that tickles my fancy really. So here we are, a playground for me to express myself.

Why a man of Stealth?

Bit of a tongue in cheek joke really. I’ve been trying out (the paid version of) Proton Mail as an alternative to Googles Gmail as part of larger experiments in finding different ways of doing things. As such I’ve radically reduced my Social Media exposure removing toxic variants like Facebook and Instagram. The plan eventually is to move over to a decentralised system like diaspora at some point – but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Point being, Proton Mail is a privacy first version of email allowing you a certain degree of freedom from the Megacorporations that want to devour your information. I’m all for privacy rather like stealth and will continue to try out alternatives as I find them.

Is barrd some kind of reference to Shakespeare?

That would be a no. The name (pronounced barr-dee) has been with me since ’93, it was my network login username and I started using it for email addresses and web accounts. It’s just stuck with me this whole time. was bought a month before I looked into it many years ago, it has now been put on offer for sale at a stupid amount (£k++), I believe this is because an Australian company called Barr’d wants it. Any way you look at it apparently I’ll never get it, in the meantime will suffice.

Headshot of Dave Barr taken at a photoshoot in December 2021
Dave, Bristol 2021

You’ll find out more if you read on

I invite you to read more of the articles and am open to constructive comments – you can reach out by choosing an option from the Contact Page. Happy reading!

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About Dave Barr

Scottish Expat who has 20+ years experience of Web Development and is continually on the look out to improve his skill sets. Learning new and innovative solutions for current requirements in the world of IT, Web Development and eCommerce.

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