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Duo48 is dead, long live Duo48

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It was a great run but it’s time to archive the old freelancing gig

Back in 2015 when Mo (my partner) and I where living in Lisbon, Portugal we decided to establish a platform that would enable us to work together. By utilising the skill sets that we both had Duo48 was born. As we both had a background in working with WordPress it was an easy decision to run the business with that as the backbone.

Screenshot of the old live Duo48 home page with a blue background wall and a door opening to a beach scene
Old Live Duo48 Homepage

Friends and family helped pointing work our way and slowly a good base of clients was accomplished. By the end of 2019 when I stopped working for Duo48 full time to join Vatu most of the work was for agencies based in the United States. Mo had moved on to other work and I kept the site running until January 2022 when I moved it over to Netlify.

Why the move to Netlify?

Part of the task was to convert the old WordPress site to a static version. The best solution for running a static site is using the free service offered by Netlify. There’s still all the advantages of having Git deployment without the security issues and technical overheads of running a full blown CMS. Having the site available as a CMS was no longer required so it was an easy choice.

In conclusion

It was great fun while it lasted. Both Mo and I learnt a lot, about working together, business, design and development. I had grown tired of the freelancing life with all the self marketing and paperwork involved. With that in mind I decided to go back into full time employment.

During our time we also had the privilege and honour of helping friends out with their websites. All in all an experience I’m glad I was involved in.

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