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James Booker Project

Services Provided

Built with WordPress. Custom retro theme and design (taken from drawings that Yuki provided), graphics created in Photoshop. Hosted on my Virtual Private Servers.

James Booker Project Responsive Image
James Booker Project

Project Details

Yuki had a dream, she wanted to create a site to share her love and passion for the New Orleans rhythm and blues keyboardist James Booker. The intention was also to raise awareness for this unique and talented legend via a friendly and approachable medium.

Each page had been hand drawn outlining the retro look and feel with layouts and concepts. The instructions were simple… “make the drawings come to life.”

Fun Stuff and Challenges

This was a fun project from the start, Yuki had done a great job with the initial drawings and the challenges stemmed mainly from the seemingly simple double roundels surrounding images.

This was especially tricky when applying the required responsive media queries. It took a few creative trials to finally find a solution that was robust and worked across all devices.

// End of Project

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