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How to schedule Mastodon posts

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I like to schedule posts when I can, for myself and clients I look after but I’ve yet to find a mainstream service that caters to Mastodon.

If you’re used to using services like Buffer or Hootsuite then the service I’m writing about is a little more hands on but easily managed. Follow the simple steps and it’ll be ready in a couple of minutes.

Setup and get your Access Token

  1. Go to your Settings Page and click on the Development link located in the bottom left hand corner (See Image 1).
  2. Fill in the Application name field (See Image 2), give it a name that you will know what it means in the future, e.g. “Mastodon Scheduler”.
  3. Fill in the Application website which is the Mastodon server address you signed up with e.g. “” then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Submit”.
  4. You’ll see “Application successfully created” if you entered the correct Application website. Now click the Application link that has the name you used in the second step.
  5. Copy the token string next to “Your access token” – (See Image 3) you’ll need that for the next stage.
Be careful with your data. Never share any of the details – Client code, Client key or Your access token with anyone. If you need to save the token use a service like LastPass or 1password (details below).

The Mastodon Scheduler

Head over to the Mastodon Scheduler online app (See Image 4). This is the service that we shall use to schedule all our future posts.

  1. Fill in the Instance URL with the Mastodon server address you signed up with e.g. “”.
  2. Fill in Access token with the token you copied in step 5 above.
  3. Click “Sign in”.

You’re now ready to start adding scheduled posts

Add your Toot post information in the Content field, choose a future date and time (click the icons at the far right of their respective fields.) Click “Toot later!” and that’s your first post now scheduled. Repeat as many times as necessary.

In conclusion

In time if Mastodon continues to grow I’m sure it will be added to the aforementioned scheduling services allowing a single solution to be used. Till then this is a good alternative.

Happy “future” Tooting!

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