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Apple Mac, easily accessible folder for Screenshots

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Are screenshots cluttering your desktop in an unorganised mess of confusion? Well, this tip originally posted on Twitter by Gilbert Pellegrom could save you a lot of frustration.

In four simple steps you can organise where your files are held and sort by date added so you can easily get to the last one you created.

The four required steps

Step 1. Create a ‘Screenshots’ folder

Make a choice about where you would like to store your screenshots and what to call the folder. Good choices for location would be in your Root folder or the Pictures folder.

The name is up to you but it’s probably wise to name it Screenshots so you remember what it is…

Step 2. Add to your Dock and/or Finder Window

Drag the folder you have created to your Dock, add it to the far right next to the ‘Bin’ (Waste Basket.) See Image 01 above. A good idea would be to also add it to your Favourites section in the main Finder Window. That way there are two quick easily accessible links to your images.

Step 3. Set ‘Sort by’ to ‘Date Added’

Right click on the folder in the Dock and select Date Added from the contextual menu, see Image 02 above.

Step 4. Change ‘Save to’ location

Open the Screenshots application by typing + Shift + 5 all together (Command-Shift-5). Click on the Options dropdown and select Other Location... Navigate to your folder you created in Step 1 and click Choose. See Image 03 above.

That’s it, you now have easy, fast access to your screenshots.

In conclusion

As a somewhat OCD tidiness geek this has helped me to keep a clean Desktop and quickly find the latest screenshot. Big thanks to Gilbert for the tip!

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