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The Real Macbeth

Services Provided

Built with WordPress, now a static site on Netlify. Photo editing and customised graphics. Initially built with eCommerce facilities with online payment systems configured, social media setup and maintenance. The project has now come to a close but the website for the time being continues to run.

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The Real Macbeth

Project Details

The Real Macbeth is a creative multifaceted history project that aims to replace myth with authentic Scottish history. The project began with Cameron Taylor’s book On the Trail of the Real Macbeth. From there a Real Macbeth video documentary was made by Flying Mirrors Productions.

I created a bespoke eCommerce site to both raise awareness of the Real Macbeth and to provide a facility to sell items digitally available for immediate download with a PayPal integration.

Fun Stuff and Challenges

Not only did I create the website but also got involved with the filming of the documentary. Playing the part of Macbeth in the making of The Real Macbeth: A Documentary.

// End of Project

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