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Brussels Kitchen Garden

Services Provided

Built with WordPress. Custom website building, hosted on my Virtual Private Servers. Photo editing and customised graphics. Social media setup and maintenance. WooCommerce setup used as catalogue for garden shed items.

Brussels Kitchen Garden Responsive Image
Brussels Kitchen Garden

Project Details

Allan Howard, a Scotsman living with his family in Brussels started growing his own food in his back garden. This flourishing project sparked his desire to teach others to grow their own food in their small city garden spaces.

Diary of a Brussels Kitchen Garden was born in 2015 for an English speaking audience with a mixture of articles and weekly updates detailing how to get the most from an everyday city garden.

Fun Stuff and Challenges

The site has been steadily growing since its launch, attracting interest and an ever increasing audience among the English speaking community in Belgium.

The strong social media presence I’ve helped Allan create and maintain has generated many new users to the site and has helped raise the profile of the Kitchen Garden project to the point of attracting local Brussels media.

Upcoming challenges include adapting and catering the website and social media platforms for multiple languages (English, French & Dutch) as well as generating interest through forums and online communities in city gardening courses, particularly within schools.

An on-going fun aspect is utilising WooCommerce as a cataloguing system for the over 600 items (and growing) in the Garden Shed as reference material for gardeners.

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