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Mornington Peninsula Qigong

Services Provided

Built with WordPress, now a static site on Netlify. Custom built to Thomas Hoelzer’s design and specifications, highlighting his beautiful photos.

Mornington Peninsula Qigong Responsive Image
Mornington Peninsula Qigong

Project Details

Thomas wished to create a website for his Qigong service with the overall effect of “Relax your mind, increase your sense of well being, have greater strength, flexibility, and happiness.”

He had created a version using Wix but this proved unsatisfactory with limitations that did not include responsive design for tablets and mobiles. The remit was to keep the original ‘look and feel’ in a responsive custom built WordPress site with all the capabilities that WordPress offers, which performs well and looks good on all devices.

Fun Stuff and Challenges

I wanted to take full advantage of the great graphics that Thomas had used as backgrounds. However the CSS required to do so was made difficult by a lack of support in Android and iOS.

In order to keep the full screen static images we used some bespoke coding to override the various operating systems natural tendency to scroll the images with the text.

After a bit of head scratching and much testing I cracked the problems and was able to create what I set out to achieve; a beautiful, clean website showcasing the high quality photos which functions well on mobiles and tablets, as well as full sized screens.

// End of Project

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