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Koko Analytics when the basics are all you need

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Google Analytics looks like it’ll become illegal to use in an increasing number of EU countries, it’s now time to start looking for alternatives. Thankfully there are some really good options out there. I’ve opted to use Koko Analytics as I don’t need every bell and whistle and have no intention of running adverts or marketing.

What makes Koko Analytics different from Google Analytics?

In short it’s all about privacy, your privacy… and the right to not have your data sold to Megacorporations. Throw in some added benefits like not slowing down your website, ease of use and you’re onto a winner really.

What does it promise?

An open-source analytics plugin for WordPress that does not use any external services and respects your visitors’ privacy.

Danny van Kooten / ibericode

What does it deliver?

  • Plug and play. After activating the plugin, stats will be collected right away.
  • No external services. Any data about your visitors never leaves your site.
  • No personal information or anything that could lead back to a specific visitor is tracked.
  • Fast. Koko Analytics can handle thousands of daily visitors or sudden bursts of traffic without breaking a sweat.
  • Option to exclude certain user roles from being tracked.
  • GDPR compliant by design.
  • And many more…

How does it handle in the real world?

This delivers on every promise and “does exactly what it says on the tin.” I’ve been running it on one site for over a year and never had an issue.

The interface is simple, uncluttered and presents what you with what you need without all the bloat. Options are clear and allow you to have no cookies at all if that’s your preference.

In conclusion

If you just need basic metrics and an overview of referrals to see where folks are coming from then this is an ideal solution for you. Give Koko Analytics a spin and see if it works for you too.

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