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Can I PHP? Released

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In the beginning there was a utility website for checking CSS functionality. Ross Wintle, creator of Turbo Admin has launched a new venture – – exploring PHP functions and when they were released by version number.

The Site

Can I PHP? - Home Page
Can I PHP? – Home Page

The public GIT repository is available

Ross is looking for contributions which you can create pull requests at the GIT repository – what he needs help with are;

  • Adding / updating features
  • Design Suggestions
  • Translations? (Ask Ross first though!)

In conclusion

This looks like a very promising project which I recommend keeping an eye on. Written using Alpine JS and Tailwind with (ironically) no PHP used it’s designed to be user friendly and fast.

Go take a look and if you like what you see and are a WordPress developer you should also check out his Turbo Admin project. (A quick-access command palette and a collection of Dashboard improvements.)

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