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barrd NET

Services Provided

An in house production, built as an early experiment (2014) into adding a pure CSS animation into an existing design. Hosted on Netlify with a public GitHub Repo.

Barrd NET Responsive Image
Barrd NET

Project Details

I initially created the design with more diamonds and may one day add that as an experiment in this project section. I had a need for a site that had my social media links and this sufficed for a while. The original design concept is earlier than the domain and the copyright notice is in truth only there as an experiment in having absolutely positioned angled text.

Fun Stuff and Challenges

The Yin-Yang design and animation are all 100% pure CSS. The main challenges arose in deciding how to handle the diamond formations at different @media sizes for ‘Responsive Design’ whilst keeping the Yin-Yang element in a logical position. Give it a look-see and find out for yourself how I managed it (and do you think you could have done a better / different job?).

// End of Project

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